February 20, 2015

Lesson 203: Ten Sore Parts (Week 1)

As Friday comes to close, I am reminded in yet one more way that I am most certainly the mother of three young children.

Why, you ask?

Because it's time to post the week's Ten Quick Thoughts, and y'all, I don't even have one thought worth sharing.

Typically, I collect "thoughts" throughout the week. Quotes, ideas, links.

What I'm trying to say is that not only do I not have any thoughts right now, I didn't think any thoughts all week.

Instead of thinking, this week was spent being tired. Tired, exhausted, run down, overworked, sore, can't lift an arm - have no idea what you are talking about - why are you still talking to me tired.

I went to bed this tired.

I woke up this tired.

It's as if tired moved into my body a while ago and this week has triumphantly completed its task of conquering my entire body.

I am tired everywhere, all the time.

So this week, instead of TQT, I'm giving you this brief glimpse into my tired, tired life and listing for you the:

Top Ten Sore Parts of My Body

1. My biceps.

2. My forearms.

3. My hands.

4. My fingers.

5. My thighs.

6. My calves.

7. My ankles.

8. My feet.

9. My back.

10. My brain. 

Here's to a good night's sleep and more energy next week!

February 13, 2015

Lesson 202: Ten Quick Thoughts (Week 12)

1. The only thing worse than chapped baby faces are stubborn sons who refuse care for them. I sneak into Hudson's room every night armed with Aquafor and Neosporin.

I am sworn to protect him.

#supermom #ihatewinter #exceptilovesnow #nosnowinsouthcarolina #thereforeihatewinter

2. Helpful points from Dr. Kruger on the effects of social media in the church. He touches on a few things I hadn't considered before including the idea that it weakens our understanding of authority. 

3. I thought I was incredibly smooth passing down my American Girl doll stuff to Samara for Christmas this year. Y'all, this $1000 gift right there was free to me.

And there is so much more where it came from. A school desk. Her dining set. Kirsten.

Samara loves her Molly doll. Plays with her all the time.

Unfortunately, last week Molly's leg fell off.

And that my friends is why you don't give your daughter a 20-year old doll for Christmas.


4. Thankfully, Molly will be heading to hospital soon, which is why you do give your daughter a 20-year old doll for Christmas.


5. Speaking of breaking toys, for high school graduation my mom gifted me a Willow Tree "Angel of Happiness." It was meant to symbolize a fresh start as I left for college.

My first day at Virginia Tech, my Angel of Happiness fell and her head broke off.

It was terrible.

6. Today is a Friday the Thirteenth. I read this week that 17-21 million Americans suffer from "Paraskevidekatriaphobia," a fear of days like today. Apparently people are so frightened to leave their houses, the economy loses $800-900 million from reduced activity.

7. With luck, maybe paraskevidekatriaphobia will keep the masses from going to see Fifty Shades of Grey tonight?!?!

Hey, if no one has recommended that you not go see it, let me be the one to recommend that you not go see it. Watching fifteen minutes of S&M sex scenes with hundreds of other people?! Sounds pretty unnecessary to me.

8. On a brighter note, tomorrow is Valentine's Day. I give you this video in honor of deep, meaningful love, or love at first sight actually.

Btw, Valentine's Day is the day I met Mark Ashbaugh ... 12 years ago. We totally finished each other's sandwiches. #AmandaSouthall

9. Here are this year's batch of Valentines baked full of Ashbaugh love.

10. Tonight Mark and I are having a family financial meeting, discussing every dollar spent in our household in 2014. It's gonna be amazing, mostly because Mark will say something along the lines of, "Wow. Great job, babe," and I'm sure he won't even bring up the amount of money spent on decorating.

Tomorrow night college students are coming over for what has been dubbed "Cereal Love Night," and Sunday we are having sweet friends for lunch. Looks like it's gonna be a good one.

What are you up to?!?!

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