May 21, 2015

Lesson 217: Let There Be Light

When I began the house hunt over a year ago, I made a list ranking items of importance in order to help narrow and focus the exhausting process. At the top of the list, reigning supreme, was good, natural light. Mark and I agree, more than anything else, a house with light makes us the most happy.

I believe I could live in a closet, as long as it possessed a sizable window.

The home we landed on has good lighting for the most part. The kitchen and dining area open to each other, allowing light from both sides of the house to flow back and forth. The front "pretty room" has two beautiful large windows.

But, then there's the playroom. The den. The cave.

Seriously, this room is the epitome of old school man cave. Picture a dark brick fire place, wood paneling, dark floors, built in book cases, and no windows! With just a little imagination one can complete the picture by adding a few deer heads, a recliner, and a very small box television. Back in the day, this room was someone's dream.

In 2015, it certainly was not our dream.

Oh, the last owners tried to lighten the space up by painting the brick and paneling. But, it didn't matter. The room was dark!

Until today.

And then, there was light. 

We definitely sat and watched, because we were so excited. 

And life in this room is now so much better.

Lesson Learned: More light is definitely right.

May 19, 2015

Lesson 216: Holes in My House

This morning my laundry closet looked like this. We returned from Summer Conference on Saturday with a trash bags full of dirty clothes, rested for a day, and then, (Mark) got to work with the washing.

As he was finishing up, our 25 year old dryer died on its very last go around.

And so when the builders showed up this morning to knock holes into my house, there were clothes of all shapes and sizes, as well as the rest of the contents of this little closet, everywhere.

Oh how I am looking forward to a new room!

So, here's the problem. Currently, our laundry closet sits between two doors that go in and out of our house, one to the carport, the other to the backyard. This shot is taken from the kitchen.

In order for guests to use the restroom, they have to come through the kitchen, through one of our living spaces, down the hall, and into the bathroom at the end, which unfortunately is the bathroom attached to the Master Bedroom.

Yes, college students have been using my bathroom.

Luckily, behind the laundry closet, with access through a door in the carport, is a large storage closet. The space is bricked into the house and everything.

I'm sure you can imagine where this is going.

Goodbye small laundry closet and dingy storage shed. Hello laundry room and half-bath!

The plan has been in the works for months, but today, our guys finally showed up and started making moves. I could not be more excited!

At the end of day one, it now looks like this. (Sorry, I couldn't step back far enough to get a decent shot.)

Our house is a mess. The laundry is still everywhere. We're all a little whiney. There's plastic hung in parts of our house. Our carport is a disaster. Shoes are a necessity.

But, I am finally beginning to see an end to the madness in sight. There will be walls. And a hardworking floor. A cabinet for storing baskets, a counter to fold clothes, a closet to organize cleaning supplies. There will be places for drying clothes, hanging coats, and hiding dirty shoes.

And there will be a bathroom for my guests to use. A pretty bathroom.

And it won't be the same one I use.

Lesson Learned: Sometimes in order to organize the mess, you have first have to make a bigger mess.

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