With a surprise first pregnancy, we become parents before we were ready. Even still, I would never trade this stage. I am the happy mama of Samara and Hudson.
* A Beary Merry Birthday 

* A "Fancy Nancy" Birthday Party

* A Hokie Highlight

* A "New" Night Before the First Day of School

* A Princess Party, Oh My!

* Baby Boy's Bedroom

* Baby Boy's Smile

* Baby Boy Turns One 

* Eggos and Ice Cream

* Momma Black Market

* My Kids Eat Dirt

* Purposeful Paranoia. Legitimate Letting Go.

* Samara's Best Friend

* Spinning Laughing Dancing

* Ten Quick Thoughts: 3rd Baby Edition

* Ten Sore Parts

* The Soccer Mom Blues (and Other Issues)

* We Chose Montessori Because ..

* Wednesdays

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