Hello again, and welcome to I Don't Have Clue ... But I'm Finding Out!

This blog was birthed during a time of crazy life transition. (See first post here.)

At 27, I was sorting out graduate school, a new town, a new job, a toddler, and a baby. I was expected to know how to discipline children, disciple teenagers, write Greek exegesis papers ... and cook, clean, and balance a budget.

Who in the world thought I was responsible enough to handle all that?

Get it? Life, like jenga, is a balancing act!
As a friend said, "Being a grown-up is hard!"

Being a grown-up is hard!

Y'all, my story is not unique. In fact, in many ways it's entirely universal, because life is a story of transition. 

Transition comes in spurts with roles, responsibilities, relationships, and resources literally changing overnight. (Find more here and here). New, scary, seemingly unreasonable expectations arise.

It becomes too overwhelming, and we want to retreat.

Well, friends. This is the place to come to keep you from drowning in an unhelpful "I don't wanna grow up" sorrow. This is the place to embrace the change that will come and to walk alongside each other as we work through these growing pains.

This is a place where it is normal to exclaim, "I DON'T HAVE A CLUE ... "

But, also a place where you will be encouraged to FIND OUT!

Consider this prayer:

Every new duty calls for more grace than I now possess,
   but not more than is found in thee,
   the divine Treasury in whom all fullness dwells.
To thee I repair for grace upon grace,
   until every void made by sin be replenished
      and I am filled with all thy fullness. 
May my desires be enlarged and my hopes emboldened,
   that I may honour thee by my entire dependency
      and the greatness of my expectation.
Do thou be with me, and prepare me for all
   the smiles of prosperity, the frowns of adversity,
   the losses of substance, the death of friends,
   the days of darkness, the changes of life,
   and the last great change of all.
May I find thy grace sufficient for all my needs.

Valley of Vision, 116.

Incredibly, the Lord, author of salvation and source of all wisdom, desires that we be sanctified while passing through times of testing and trial.  Lovingly, he alone provides the grace needed to live life exactly where we are. Therefore, let us press into times of transition, seeking the Lord and growing evermore into his likeness.

I guarantee a few laughs ... and perhaps some wisdom.

I am so glad you are here.


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