June 23, 2012

Lesson 17: For All You Non-Sewers Out There

Here in Clover it seems as if everyone knows how to sew. Even the boys know how to sew. Their moms are monogramming, seam-stitching wizards, and they make it their business to see to it that everyone has at least the know-how to reattach a button.

I do not know how to sew. I cannot correctly reattach a button. I use safety pins.

It really is kind of pathetic. My own mother was a smocking genius back in the day. I appreciate her talents now, because she managed to save the boxes and boxes of beautiful smocked dresses she made for me. Samara plays the part of a sweet Southern girl every Sunday morning, and I'm spared the cost of it. Thank you mom.

Unfortunately, sewing skills are not genetic. Just because a person spends the majority her single digit years in homemade clothes, does not in any way indicate that she will one day be master of the machine as well.

For a while I lamented my inadequacy. I've even considered taking action to remedy it. Last week my neighbor went to sewing camp. What a great idea I thought! I could definitely learn something useful with a whole week of practice.

Turns out sewing camp is only for elementary school children.

Occasionally, I lie awake at night wondering how I will ever make Samara the fairy princess gown that she desires for Halloween or Hudson the dignified Robert E. Lee uniform for a school play. My Christopher Columbus get-up was phenomenal! Man my mom was good. How am I going to be even an ok momma if my drawer of lost buttons only continues to fill up?

My friends, I have found a solution.

It is called Heat'n Bond Iron-On Adhesive. It is miraculous for three reasons.

1. HBIOA is so simple. The adhesive comes you a roll. You simple rip a piece off that is the correct size. You place it between the layers of fabric that you want connected. Then you press down with your iron for 3 seconds. You may have a repeat the iron part a few times.

2. HBIOA is so fast. Do you really mean 3 seconds Katherine? Yes, I really mean 3 seconds.

3. HBIOA is so inexpensive. A roll at Wal-Mart costs less than $2, and it looks as if it will last me for a while.

Though I agree that there is no substitute for real, honest sewing knowledge, this product really is a life-saver for those of you out there, like me, who want to complete the projects, but do not have the time for lessons or the money to invest in a good machine.

Mark and I are currently in the process of constructing a Dress-Up center for Samara's birthday. Something kind of like this.

However, I wanted Samara's to have a curtain to cover all the fun dress-up contents creating a magical world for her within. I also don't love looking at clutter.

How does one make a curtain without using a sewing machine? That's right, with a little something I like to call HBIOA.

Not the worst right?

I am considering asking for help with a monogram. I don't know if something generic would have the same cuteness level. Then again, I'm pretty sure there are iron on letters out there. Hmmm ...

If only I could iron on a button.

Lesson Learned: With a roll of HBIOA and an iron, you too can create the fabric projects of your dreams.


  1. Just noticed that "non-sewers" looks like people who aren't sewers, like where the ninja turtles live.

    I'm reading...don't doubt that.

    Paul Major

    1. Interesting. Paul, trying to generate some blog discussion. Favorite turtle ... go. Beware, my answer will be ... well, girly.


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