November 15, 2013

Lesson 140: Ten Quick Thoughts (Week 7)

Hudson's Word of the Week: Happy

1. A small feature called "Hudson's Word of the Week" has been added to TQT. His vocabulary is increasing so quickly, I wanted to document it.

2. On a minimalist spurt, I purged the stuff kept at my parents house. Though this was trashed, my emotional attachment caused me to remember it in picture form, you know, for posterity. My 6th grade Aztec calendar. Huh?!?!

2. Related, a chapter has closed on my childhood. The owners of my absolute favorite hometown pizza joint have recently retired. (Big fat tear.)

Dear Mr. and Mrs Lio,

     Thank you for a lifetime of post-little league dinners, awkward first dates, losing friends' relief, late-night pregnancy comfort food, catch-up chats with my little bro, next-day breakfasts of leftovers ... and the best pizza I've ever had in my whole life! I sincerely wish you the best!

Your #1 Fan

(Rumor has it that recipes were sold with the restaurant. In theory, the food will remain the same. We shall see.)

3. Pizza is my favorite food. What is your favorite food?

4.We made the same stir fry three nights in a row this week. Quinoa, zucchini, squash, portabello mushrooms, corn on the cob (cut off), and this sauce. All-recipes calls it Shrimp Sauce #2, we call it crack! Hokies, think Kobe?

4. Enough about food, here's more in the news of American Girl dolls.

6. An invisible bike helmet? Makes me want to be an inventor!

7. Our church, Bethel PCA, is celebrating its 250th birthday next year! (That's older than America.) This video was made by church members to explain some of Bethel's history.  

8. This might get you in the mood for Thanksgiving.

9. A Pumpkin Story

10. Our weekend looks like: a youth night for 4-6th graders, a 3-year old's tea party, a night of soup cookin' with my mama, an open house for out-of-towners, and an ordination service.

My husband's ordination service! I can't wait. (Come back Monday for pictures!)

TQT Question: If you could invent anything, what would it be?


  1. Last weekend my mom gave me all the stuff of mine kept in their basement... I also threw away my dented copper aztec art. Tough week for the both of us...

    YAY for Mark's ordination, can't wait to hear all about it and will be praying for y'all this weekend! PTL

    1. What are the chances?!?! So random!!!!!

      Thanks friend! Wish y'all could be here!!!!

      What does PTL mean?

  2. That cyclists' airbag is amazing! I hope they're available in the States sometime soon!

    I am sorry for your loss of the best pizza ever. Maybe you can finagle your way into getting those recipes? I also love pizza (especially homemade!)... actually, any food that serves as a vehicle for cheese is my favorite. :)

    Have a spectacular weekend! Hip, hip, hooray! for Mark being ordinated!!

    1. Oh that's right ... y'all are pizza dough makers. Hmmm ... maybe if you move to Charlotte, you can show me!!!!

      I like the verb "ordinated" a whole lot. Last week, Hudson was really into verbs. "Running. Walking. Rocking. Falling. Jumping. Stomping." I might try to teach him "ordinating."



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