August 17, 2012

Lesson 31: White Disclaimers (The White Series)

Hi. I hope you enjoyed this week of white as much as I have. If this is your first day of white, I suggest starting here and reading through the series!

I want to make a few closing remarks regarding white in your home.

1. I did not recommend using white as a paint color for your walls! Though I am not totally against white walls, I think they are very hard to work with. It's almost as if your canvas is too big. If you do opt for white walls (or are stuck in a rental where you can't paint), I can make a few suggestions, but not hard and fast rules. I've found that dark furniture works as a very nice base. Then, you can use white accents and they should pop.

Friends, feel free to offer advice in the comments section for our white-walled readers!

2. I would not suggest using the whitest of whites! I read somewhere there are more shades of white then any other color. I would say, utilize the spectrum of white. The problem with starting with the whitest of whites is that everything else will look dirty in comparison. The last thing you want is to walk in your front door and think, "oh my goodness, I need to wash everything" simply because you chose an overly white bed skirt.

3. Make white work for you! The idea that I am putting forward is that the color white can be used as a tool to allow you to experiment in a million different ways in your home without driving yourself crazy. Let it be just that, a tool. I'll warn you. White can easily become an obsession, especially for those of you with very busy lives. Though some people can really make total white work through a variety of textures and shades, I think that it is extremely difficult. Thus, for all you amateur decorators out there, like me, use it to highlight the things you love!

Lesson Learned: White is awesome! It can be used in a variety of ways and serve a variety of purposes. It is also a subject that five consecutive blog posts can be written about!

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