August 21, 2012

Lesson 35: An Update on the Lazy Couponer (Back to School Series)

As you know, I am a self-proclaimed lazy couponer.

Here's a brief recap of the rules of lazy couponing:

1. One main couponing website:
2. One main store to shop from: Harris Teeter
3. One main source for coupons: newspaper
4. Cut all you would buy if it was free.
5. Plan your trip and shop.

Though the original post was called "The Lazy Couponer," recently it would be more accurate to label me a super lazy couponer. I hadn't cut my weekly inserts in over four weeks!

However, last week Harris Teeter had "Super Double" week. They have a new policy, and any coupon $2.00 or less is doubled. This means that on certain items, you can get a full $4.00 off! That's huge!

In true Lazy Couponing fashion, I only consulted and only used newspaper coupons. This time I went overboard with the lazy! As I found things I wanted to look for, I didn't even cut them out. I just put the entire page of coupons on a pile. When I got to the store, I used HT's scissors to cut the coupons out that I actually used.

I breezed through the website, not interested a ton of items, and only focused on things I really wanted to buy.

I also took both kids to the store with me, so let's just say there was no lingering or debating in the aisles. (Harris Teeter provides free cookies for kids!) I shopped probably for 30 minutes tops.

I did really well.

My total cost was $34.10 after store discounts and coupons. I had a total savings of $52.73.This is what I got.

I want to put this into perspective for you.

One pack of diapers originally costs $11.19. I bought three packs. Had I bought just the diapers, not on sale, without coupons, I would have paid $33.57 + tax.

So let's do some product math. Look at the original picture of all my purchases above.

Subtract the diapers, which could technically account for my entire bill.

You are left with what I essentially brought home for free.

Not bad for an hour's worth of work.

Lesson Learned: Even if you get your A-game on once in while, you can reap the benefits in the couponing world!

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  1. You might enjoy typing "drugstore game" on my blog search to see some of the tales of my couponing adventures. My early ones were complete failures, but I've gotten better with time. I highly recommend going to CVS over Thanksgiving weekend for some really great deals!

    Otherwise, I shop at WINCO which has no sale papers, sales which can change at any time, and very few websites which follow it. However, the prices are really low so I usually shop without coupons. I use Money Saving Mom for all my deal-finding. We don't get a newspaper or coupons any way, so I don't usually have any to use. I buy the generic version of almost everything, and I make most meals from scratch.

    Yeah for lazy couponing! :)


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