May 18, 2013

Lesson 72: The LAST Paper

I am currently writing (not writing) my last seminary paper. You would think that with twenty-three under my belt, this last 8-10 pager on marriage would be a breeze. Unfortunately, Mark and I went on a pre-finals graduation beach trip through yesterday, and well, I don't want to write it.

Here is a list of things I would rather be doing:
- Sitting on a couch in the beach house, playing cards, doing a puzzle, and being with friends.
- Looking at the new Elle Decor magazine.
- Mentally decorating my new house.
- Putting together fun touches for a graduation party we are hosting on Wednesday.
- Catching up on missed Glee episodes.
- Taking a shower.
- Reading a book about Montessori schooling, or really, anything not related to marriage.
- Hanging out with my husband (who is writing a sermon).
- Organizing my sock drawer. (Ok, not really. But, I was trying to sound slightly dramatic.)

Most importantly, I would rather be chillin' here blogging without an unfinished paper looming in the back of my mind.

Alas, I must go write. As in, I must go write my paper, not a blog.

I think I wanted to get this post up while I was still experiencing some of the assignment angst which is characteristic in seminary. Because y'all ... in three days, it will no longer be there!

I will be done. 

Lesson Learned: Write all your papers before you go on vacation, not just most of them.


  1. Go Katherine! I bet it is so hard to have ONE final paper to write when you're so close to being totally done (and after vacation). I hope you'll be doing a post on said books on Montessori schooling! My timeline for needing that knowledge is quite far in the future though, so no pressure and this is not an added assignment!! :)


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