January 03, 2014

Lesson 158: Ten Quick Thoughts (Week 9)

Hudson's Word(s) of the Week: Are you sleeping?

1. Six months from today, I will turn 30. I don't want to talk about it.

2. The city of Charlotte hosts a visually stimulating walk through the history of Wells Fargo. What a hot date spot! (Head shaking no.)

3. Best book you read in 2013? The only book I finished (post-seminary) was Steve Jobs' biography. I'm looking for something new ... and awesome.

4. My friendship with this guy was sealed through this video. You're welcome.

5. On Tuesday, through the use of rabbit ears and CBS, Mark and I watched VT football in our home for the first time in our marriage. Technology these days.

6. In related news, guess what's coming this February! Cannot wait. 

Countdown: 35 days, 56 minutes, and 16 seconds. 15 seconds. 14. I can't keep up!

7. People often ask for Mark's homemade applesauce recipe.

Here it is:

     - Core and peel about eight tart apples. (Macintosh, Green)
     - Add 1/2 cup (3/4 cup) water to fill the bottom of the pan.
     - Add 1/2 cup (3/4 cup) of brown sugar.
     - Cook on low for 30 min to an hour with a lid until they feel soft.
     - Serves 4. 

8. "The only true currency in the this bankrupt world is what you share with someone else when you are uncool." - Almost Famous. (We watched this on our anniversary. Huge in 10th grade.)

9. The "In 2013, I Learned ... " link will close tomorrow morning. If you would like to contribute to the collection, you have less than 24 hours. Get writing, get linking! 

10. Our weekend looks like Christmas clean-up, a whole lot of nothing, and an ordination service for our dear friend, Michael! So excited for you, Whitham's! We love you!

TQT Question: When you clicked on the Olympics link, how much time was left?


  1. When anyone mentions me turning 30 I say, "don't talk about it". This week Peyt told me she didn't want me to turn 30 (I guess since it seems to upset me), but I informed her the other option to not turning 30 is a lot worse for her than me turning 30.

    1. That girl of yours picks up on everything, doesn't she?!?! Yes, not turning 30 would be worse! Well, I have 6 months to sort it all out, huh. :)

  2. I'm 32, and I survived. ;) The 30's aren't as bleak as you might think. I've enjoyed them!

    1. Good of you to encourage us all, Jessica! My whole group of friends is taking the plunge this year! You give us hope.


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