January 23, 2014

Lesson 167: A Post About Posting About Food

You may remember that goal #4 on my "In 2014, I Hope to ..." list is to guest post once a month for another person's blog. Well, my new blogging friend, Astleigh, suggested this opportunity for the month of January in the nick of time.

All week long over at her blog Tale of Two Hills, she has had friends contribute healthy, clean recipes based on a specific category. Each post begins with a brief story or introduction to the author (and her eating habits), followed by a simple, healthy recipe.

Today is my day! Traditional Thursday!

Head on over to Astleigh's blog to read my healthy reinterpretation of the All-American "Burger, Fries, & Pickle Meal" (and witness my attempt to photograph food. Good grief.)

I suggest reading the other guest posts as well! Curry, broccoli soup, pot pie, oh my!

Also, if you are new to my blog, welcome. Click here to find a series I wrote containing a super-simple monthly meal plan!

Lesson Learned: It is interesting to see the various ways different authors respond to the same assignment. And to see what people enjoy cooking, you know, in real life.

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