April 04, 2014

Lesson 182: Ten Quick Thoughts (Week 10)

Hudson's Word of the Week: Allergies

1. What is the benefit of a shirt containing SPF? By nature of it being a shirt, doesn't it already provide protection from the sun?

2. Speaking of sun and suits, I decided to go for a swimming tank top this summer. Does this scream mom or is it somehow ironically young and hip?

Find here.

3. I want to try every single one of these smoothie recipes!

4. I've felt awful this week, a combination of flu and allergies. I had to continually fight the urge to complain about my symptoms on facebook. I kept thinking, if only updating your status could actually fix a problem.

5.  Looking for bean recipes? The comments section from this post ended up being a great resource!

6. So, Andy Pyrch reported for duty this week. Jenni, I just cannot hear the song "Soldier Boy" without thinking of you and crying!

7. How I Met Your Mother aired its last show this week. Mark and I began watching it on Netflix the next day. We're mildly interested after Season 1. (What, I've been sick?!?!)

8. For the past year, I have only read one blog consistently of a person I do not know. Well, you wouldn't believe it, but Holly's moved to Clover and has been attending our church. Crazy, right?!?! She's doing a series this week on her mother-in-law's house which is. to. die. for. You have to go check it out!

9. I just realized none of these thoughts are interesting for a boy. Click here. It will return you to Mark's beard.

10. Remember the sick bit from #4? Unfortunately, it kept me from gettin' on a plane to my sweet college roomate's wedding in Phoenix this weekend. Y'all, I should be exploring Sedona today and layin' down some awesome dance moves tomorrow. Alas, such is life. Congratulations Hayley and Brett! All the love to you both.


  1. i've read that a cotton t-shirt (white maybe?) only has a spf of something like 5. and it drops down lower than that once it's wet. so if you plan on swimming in your mom-tank (which i think is cute! what will you wear under it?) then it needs higher spf.

    1. I was reallllly hoping someone would answer that question for me! Thank you!!! I'm pretty sure this one has 50 spf, but I was also curious b/c I buy my kids rash guards ... but wasn't really sure if there was a benefit to them, other than the obvious coverage!!

      I think I'll just wear a regular bikini top if I plan on actually going swimming, and maybe a sports bra for days around the baby pool. I'm pretty much a no bikiki top girl after the scars from baby #1 and I just cannot get used to the idea of a tankini. I had a trendy-ish retro one-piece last summer, which I loved, but I hate one pieces at the beach, b/c of sand. And I think those surfer girl rash guards are super cute, but I don't surf, so I feel sort of weird wearing one. All that to say ... this is my attempt at an compromise! Haha ... and I'm out of breath.


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