May 21, 2015

Lesson 217: Let There Be Light

When I began the house hunt over a year ago, I made a list ranking items of importance in order to help narrow and focus the exhausting process. At the top of the list, reigning supreme, was good, natural light. Mark and I agree, more than anything else, a house with light makes us the most happy.

I believe I could live in a closet, as long as it possessed a sizable window.

The home we landed on has good lighting for the most part. The kitchen and dining area open to each other, allowing light from both sides of the house to flow back and forth. The front "pretty room" has two beautiful large windows.

But, then there's the playroom. The den. The cave.

Seriously, this room is the epitome of old school man cave. Picture a dark brick fire place, wood paneling, dark floors, built in book cases, and no windows! With just a little imagination one can complete the picture by adding a few deer heads, a recliner, and a very small box television. Back in the day, this room was someone's dream.

In 2015, it certainly was not our dream.

Oh, the last owners tried to lighten the space up by painting the brick and paneling. But, it didn't matter. The room was dark!

Until today.

And then, there was light. 

We definitely sat and watched, because we were so excited. 

And life in this room is now so much better.

Lesson Learned: More light is definitely right.

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