November 02, 2015

Lesson 224: Changing My Profile Picture

So I went ahead and changed my blogger profile picture.

It just feels like it's time.

A few years back, I made a concerted effort to "brand" my blog using only my own know-how and the wonderful world of Google. Things improved some. It softened a bit. I created my own header (using an up-close photo of an oxford polo), and I was on my way to blogging greatness.

Except, welp. Turns out if you want your blog to look truly awesome, you have to pay someone. And if you want to be a famous blogger, most of the time you have to blog more than three times a month. On a carefully planned-out schedule. And the schedule has to be written with a gold pen on exquisite paper.

And you have to create "original content" that helps people in some way.

And you have to take really beautiful photos. Edit them. Pin them. Instagram them.

And so on and so on and so on.

And I just can't do all that. I mean like, even if I tried, really tried, I still couldn't do all that.

Turns out, I mostly just blog for myself. To document various aspects of our life. A small moment. A party. The transformation of our house. Occasionally I'm deep and speak true things about the difficulties of life in the already, but not yet. Occasionally thoughts I'm thinking resonate with a larger audience.

But for the most part, my aunts and old friends and few faithful readers tune in when I post. And it's a fun day for me, sharing a story and feeling known.

This has always been a safe (and fun) place for me to relish in the unchartered-ness of the life I'm currently living as a pastor's wife with three children. What in the world?!?!

The "I Don't Have A Clue" tag line feels as true today as it did over three years ago when I began the blog. (Though I do want to brag for just one second about the chili I served my neighbors this past weekend. Three of them asked for the recipe. I mean, y'all, that has got to be some kind of cooking growth, right?!?!)

And yet, I will say ... I'm feeling a little different lately.

There seems to be some energy in the air. Things feel like they're moving, and ... I cut my hair. 

Now, if you are long-time reader of the blog, you know that a hair cutting is a big deal. I never just "want to try something new"and I never act on a whim. Uh uh! A hair cutting means something.

Usually, it's one of two things; a. Life Change, b. Major Stress.

Now which of these do you think is true at this current stage of life? Ha.

As I mentioned in the last post, Ford just turned one, and if you are a mama you know that big things come with the close of year one. Pregnancy and infancy blend together for a mama's body and throw, well, mostly everything out of whack for almost two years.

And then those two years end.

And this time, when they ended, I cut my hair.

Thirteen inches.

It's the shortest it's been since I found out I was pregnant with Samara, seven years ago.

I look ... different.

And I want to change my profile picture.

Because ... I feel different.

But I'm not changing the whole direction of the blog. I just can't. I just can't do that. I can't think about how my fonts reflect the tone my profile picture is setting. And I can't worry about whether my About Page still truly reflects my mission. And I just hope the oxford polo print header will work with the new picture, because headers take forever. 

But I'm going to change the profile picture.

Because as much as things stay the same (aka I still don't have a clue and I still love oxford polos), things also change.

My hair changed.

And for some (admittedly strange) reason, that matters.

Lesson Learned: Y'all. I don't understand this post either. I just had to write it.

A couple other changes:

* The presumptuous "A Place to Learn" has become "Take A Deep Breath."

* I'm dropping the family photo introductions on the sidebar, mostly because I currently can't remember how to create them and thus, can't create one for Ford.

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  1. I love the hair! I noticed in your birthday post, thought about commenting, and then I am someone in my home needed something immediately ( like thier 15 minute allotment of iPad time and I needed 15 minutes of relative quiet so I handed over the iPad and never got around to telling you your hair looks great!)


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