December 11, 2015

Lesson 226: Christmas in the Pretty Room

... because I'm sitting here enjoying this room, and it just looks s'darn pretty.

The last time I showed y'all this room it looked like this. Things have changed ... and will continue to. Not because I'm discontent, but because WOAH, I might be falling in love with seasonal decorating!

I realized as I was writing this post, I have never showed you the finished renovation pictures. Perhaps with the holidays around the corner, I'll have a chance to snap a few photos for you.

Then again, holidays = kids at home = messy photos, so maybe not.

We'll see.

For now, enjoy the peace and quiet of this one clean room.

In terms of sourcing, I'm currently loving Mary Jo Major, Lulie Wallace, and this coffee table book!

Also, I search far and wide for the best pillows on the market, but mm mmm, I still come home to Pottery Barn at Christmas time. (Feeling slightly sheepish and guilty about this ... )

Happy Friday, friends!

Lesson Learned: When a room has pretty bones, Christmas fits in ... beautifully.

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