August 19, 2012

Lesson 33: Introducing the "Back to School" (Back to School Series)

Last week on "I Don't Have a Clue", I got on a series kick. I posted five times about decorating with the color white. You can start the series here if you missed out! I apologize to my readers (Paul) who do not care at all about decorating with the color white. Perhaps direct your wife in my direction?

This week, I've decided to continue to take the themed route. Mark and I are beginning our fall semester of seminary on Wednesday. This means that we have spent the last week preparing and planning!

Mark's tasks included changing our water filter (we're on a well), getting internet installed (our neighbors moved), taking our 4-runner for an oil change, fixing a turn signal, ordering an immersion hand-blender off groupon (he wants me to make soup), registering Hudson for a birth certificate (a few months late), and compiling our reading lists.

My tasks have been much more important!

I tackled formulating a meal plan, completing back to school shopping, scoring as a lazy couponer, and organizing a very important portion of my house! This and more is what you have to look forward to this week, along with some reflection hitting around Wednesday! If you prefer the more written posts, this is your day!

To get us in the right mindset, what do you think of when you think of going back to school?

Lesson Learned: If I pick a theme, I am able to stick with it for more posts. I am not convinced I want to go the series route always, but I'm experimenting right now!

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