October 10, 2012

Lesson 49: Ten Ten Ten (A Week of Numbers)

I love Wikipedia. I know most of you have been accessing its massive amount of material for years, but only since marrying Mark less than four years ago have I possessed a personal laptop which has been responsible for reducing desk chair irritation, upping my online footprint ... and reminding me that there is a website out there dedicated to informing people about everything.

In the past few months, I have asked Wikipedia, what is a Graham Cracker (oddly it involved a Presbyterian minister), why is Kermit the Frog's "Rainbow Connection" so famous (turns out everyone from Willie Nelson, to the Dixie Chicks, to Blaine from Glee have covered it), and tonight, just what is so great about pistachios?

We don't normally buy pistachios in this little household of ours, but my friends (and my new acquaintances), we are celebrating a big week here. If you've met me at any stage in life since 7th grade, you know what I am talking about.

No, not Columbus Day, though if you look here, you can briefly read about my stint as old Chris.

This week, we celebrate the best day of the whole year, my favorite day of all time ... 10/10!

Do you not have a favorite day? A day more important than Christmas, or Flag Day, or your Birthday? Well, I feel sorry for you. Having a favorite day is so fun.

Here are a few pictures from years past.

The first is from right after I moved to Dublin in 2007, and my roommate made me a sweet, appropriately shaped cookie cake. Yum.

The second is in Charlotte, and as you can see I am pointing out the time: 10:10 in the morning on 10/10/10. That was a very special year!

Do you think I need a new sweatshirt?

This is from last year. Nice pic, but here's the thing ... this group of people did not congregate to celebrate a 10/10 party with me. Much to my dismay, since meeting Mark, I have had to share my favorite day every single year.

Ironically (or was it the Lord's good providence), Mark's birthday is 10/10.

Some years 10/10 takes precedence, but this year ... my 10/10 baby is turning 30.


In 10-terms, that is 3 sets of 10! Looking at that young face, you wouldn't believe it, but I promise, the gray in his sideburns serves as proof. Mark is getting older.

Over the past few days, I've been trying to get Mark to "go deep" with reflection on this momentous birthday, but as of yet, he's come up with nothing.

Perhaps, it's me who's the most freaked out by it. I started liking Mark when I was a teenager ... and now, he's a full-fledged grown-up man with a wife and two kids ... and he's 30!

It is reasonable that I needed some kind of guidance to navigate these uncharted age waters.

With Mark's lack of concern or insight, you can imagine my gratitude that there exists a place where one can receive a steady supply of immediate answers, the wise Wikipedia. After consulting said sage, I discovered that "Turning 30" is a Bollywood movie. Wiki describes it as "an urban love story and woman centric film" (whatever that means).

What perspective. I feel better now.

Happy 30th Birthday Mark! And a Happy, Happy 10/10 to the rest of you!

Lesson Learned: Pistachios are low in cholesterol and high is a healthy oil.

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  1. I use Wiki a lot too, but I didn't know you could ask it full out questions- good to know. Happy 10/10, and I wish you many more.

    oh, happy birthday Mark, too.



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