November 26, 2012

Lesson 55: A Change

If you have been a guest in the Mark Ashbaugh home during our four years of marriage, you will have noticed one major difference between our family room and most others in our world. Different, not so much in that we have something special, but rather that our family room contains a glaring absence.

In fact, this absence is so powerful, you may have decided not to hang out with us on a Saturday afternoon for fear (justifiably so) that you would not be able to watch the day's big football game, not so much out of respect for me, but because it isn't possible.

Confession for far away friends, our family room does not have a television.


Now listen, don't go putting us up on a separatist pedestal yet. Our house has a tv. Well, kind of. It's an old fourteen incher that I think my brother was given for a bowl game, lived in my parents media cabinet for a while, and finally made its way to us to use in our bedroom to plug a VCR into.

Yes, we still use a VCR. Disney videos are .50 at yard sales, but $20 at Target. You decide which you would prefer having your 3-year old bang around.

(However, last week Mark discovered that a new VCR costs $80. I'm telling you, snatch those up when you come across them cheaper. VCR's are the wave of the future.)

Our bedroom television doesn't receive any channels, but this does not mean we aren't up to date on shows. We are consistent viewers of Modern Family, New Girl, and Parks and Recreation. I also watch Glee and Gossip Girl without Mark. (Did I just admit I watch GG? XOXO, you know I love her ... )

See, we're pretty hip. We just can't get football.

So, for almost four years of marriage, we have been content with a small VCR bedroom television and a computer for show viewing.

However, my friends, you will be shocked to learn ... that I have just purchased the first television of our marriage.

You may ask, "Katherine, why now?" "Hasn't anyone offered you something bigger than a foot and change for free?"

Yes. Numerous larger screens have been offered.

Yet, every time a gracious bestower offers one, our pious, minimalist mouths reply, "Yes, you are so kind. Is it a flat screen?"

Gasp again. It is true. Even poor, technology-haters have standards when it comes to technology. In fact, we are straight up snobs.

Why now?

I went on a redecorating rampage recently (not strange at all) and realized, our tiny bedroom cannot handle the depth of our old 14-er any longer. I'm not good with numbers, but it went back at least four feet.

I said to Mark (as we all know I was the one who wanted nothing to do with technological upgrades), "I think (deep breath) we need (outward sigh) to buy a new television."

Didn't need to ask him twice. 

And so, my friends, thanks to Cyber Monday deals and Upromise rewards ... our new flat screen should be here in less than two weeks. 32 whole inches of flat screening glory.

Sidenote: The layout of the family room will not change at all. In fact, neither will our cable options. You will still not be able to cheer on the Hokies from the comfort of our couch. The Dunphy's will still be enjoyed through our laptops, one week late (as hulu shows programs a week after).

But, if you want to watch a scratchy version of Cinderella from our bed, well my friends, you will be pleased to know that the screen will be bigger than ever before ... and will fit nicely atop my dresser when switched off.

After all, how a tv looks on a dresser is really the most important thing.

Finally, anyone looking to trade a working VCR for a 14 - inch telly? I hear they work great as potato gun targets.

Lesson Learned: Sometimes ... you have to give in. But only kind of.

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  1. we also didn't have a tv for the first 3 years of marriage, then gave in and bought an obnoxiously huge flat screen.
    not having a tv made me realize how much i LOVE tv, sometimes i'd even go to the gym to watch it on the treadmill :) (we also watched tv on hulu, like you said)
    we decided to take the plunge because we hated that we couldn't invite people over to watch movies or football.
    we only have an antenna, but it's all we need. and those long days i spent on the couch nursing a newborn, i totally appreciated the tube time.


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