February 01, 2013

Lesson 62: Baby Boy Turns One

 Our family joyfully celebrated Hudson's first birthday today! How sweet it has been to know this little boy for his whole life ... one whole year (plus the nine months in my belly).

A few highlights from this first year:

* Hudson's delivery was awesome (especially in comparison to Samara's). I actually laughed when he came out!
* Hudson rolled over on DAY SIX. That's right, numero sixo. I was not exaggerating about those crazy in utero kicks. He continued this for two weeks, until he got too chubby and could no longer make it over.
* Hudson visited seminary for the first time on DAY SIX. No pressure there ...
* Hudson and Samara bonded quickly and easily. She loves her little bother, I mean brother.
* Hudson grew, drooled, smiled, kicked, ate, and acted like a baby a lot.
* Hudson received the softest white teddy bear for Christmas and reacted by completely smothering it.
* Hudson learned to say "ball" and simultaneously throw objects.
* Hudson began walking a few weeks ago, and it is the most exciting event ever ... every single time. His gigantic, proud grin speaks volumes.

Isn't it interesting? As much as we know of him, his personality and future pursuits are still so open.

We know we love him and are grateful that he's our son every day. 

Our prayer is that he will grow to have a knowledge, fear and love for the Lord!

Lesson Learned: Who knew a little boy could be such a joy?

P.S. Party post coming ...


  1. Happy Birthday Hudson, yes children are such a gift of joy aren't they.


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