April 22, 2013

Lesson 70: Cleaning Out

Not only have I been on a cleaning kick lately, but I have been on a cleaning out kick. Getting rid of worn out home decorations, ill-fitting clothing, and undesirable toys is about the most fulfilling feeling in the world.

I have felt very successful at this. This is one of five or more trunk loads.

I've donated a ton to fundraising yard sales, mission trip collections, and Goodwill. I've been able to sell nicer items. With this extra earned money, I purchased Mark a graduation gift (story later) and have almost hit my college savings goal (as in the amount I wanted for the kids when we finished seminary).

Lots ended up at the dump, including two full bottles of baby lotion (both from when Samara was a baby). Don't worry! I kept two full ones. For some reason, I have never really used baby lotion, and so I have a ton. I'm convinced it multiplies in the closet.

My own initiative has been supplemented by inspiration from this blog. http://smallnotebook.org/blog/

She offers great wisdom and insight into simplifying life, from clothing to food to finances, but I feel like she takes a reasonable approach. She's not a minimalist simply for the sake of having nothing. She's also a Christian. I had fun perusing her small notebook last week.

With all this cleaning out, our little household is breathing easier this spring.

Well, except for the effects of all the pollen in the air. In this sense, we are dying!

Lesson Learned: I am not sure which I prefer, buying or cleaning out. Cleaning out sure does feel good though!


  1. i also looove small notebook. she's not unreasonable, and reading her suggestions don't make me feel overwhelmed or like i'm not measuring up.
    i don't use baby lotion on my baby either, but i used it for myself :)

  2. isnt it amazing how much stuff you manage to fit into your home without realizing it? Purging is SO FUN!!


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