October 31, 2013

Lesson 129: Non-Pin-Worthy Halloween Costumes

Welp. Here are some terrible costumes from over the years. Most of them are not creative, attractive, or well executed. Regardless, they got the job done. 

(Disclaimer: I do think my kids always look pretty cute.)

Happy Halloween from ...

An Irish Rock Star (with a turban made out of a dress).

 A Flower.
A Princess.

The Frog Prince.

A Lion. 
 A House.

 And a Tree and His Woodland Princess. (Be sure to notice Mark's prop.)

I thoroughly apologize for the lack of inspiration!

Lesson Learned: Happy Halloween 2013! (That rhymes.)


  1. love it. for years i've worn sweatpants on halloween. what are you? i'm comfortable.


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