November 01, 2013

Lesson 130: Ten Quick Thoughts (Week 5)

Hudson's Word of the Week: Cloud

1. Amazing video. It almost makes me want to cheer OH - IO. Almost.

2. Another pretty good one. Makes me cry. Every time. 

3. It looks like the lady bugs are back, yuck! Does the whole US get swarmed by these, or is it just 'round here?

4. Why are babies in pumpkins literally the cutest thing in the whole world?

5. In related news, this guy wins my blog's Best Halloween Costume Contest

6. Does anyone know who won the World Series? Is it over yet? #amiamerican?

7. The trees look like fruit roll-ups outside my window. Yum, I could eat them up.

8. Fall Flashback. Aww.

This was meant to be an engagement picture. Mark is definitely wearing hospital scrubs.

9. Speaking of flashbacks, we had an excellent set of visitors to the h-izz-ouse this week. (I izzled b/c izzling was really cool when I first met these people. Fo-shizzle.)

The line-up included:

Brian Wheeler a.k.a. Buckshot. I've always loved this guy, because well, even in college he always thought Mark should marry me. He's basically a genius. We chewed on steak, talked finances and church, and lingered too late around the campfire. It was perfect!

Katy Flint and her hubby. Katy Flint was a camper my first week as a counselor, when I was 19 years old! Ten years later, she's married and considering seminary. We had great fun talking theology, composting, and ole' time Krislund with these two! (Sorry, no pic.)

Wittle Rachel and her old man, Pat. Wittle was my random roommate freshman year at Virginia Tech, who ended up getting to live with me for three more years! She's maybe one of my favorite people in the whole world. Aww, 800 Rutherford. According to facebook, our old apartment is still my address!

10.Tomorrow I'm speaking at a Presbytery Women's Conference on the topic of Transition. Pray for me! Also, come back Monday and find my talk in blog form.

What's on for your weekend? 

TQT Question(s): 1. How cool was the link in #1? 2. Which movie portrayal was your fav? (Mine was definitely HP.) 3. Seriously, does anyone know the  answer to #6?


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