October 18, 2013

Lesson 120: Ten Quick Thoughts (Week 3)

1. The nearby town of Belmont has been having a kudzo problem in a new park. Unable to spray to combat it, they hired goats. Because goats eat everything.

2. Words of Wisdom for Nephews. (This link is maybe my favorite blog post of ALL TIME!)

3.  "Dad, I don't think it fits!"

4. Excellent Road Trip Game: Each person explains "The Soundtrack of Their Life." What songs serve as the back drop of your life, from childhood to the present? From Disney, to Brittany, to DMB? This can take a while!

5. Another great game? I Spy!

6. A year ago, I was attempting to make pesto pasta. Remember how that turned out?

7. In other food news, last night I heated a banana in the microwave, added a bit of cinnamon, suger, and milk. Mixed it together = YUM!

8. Should little girls have their finger nails painted? Debate below.

9. It is about the most beautiful fall day outside. I'm looking forward to tailgating, football, and homecoming tonight. Oh, high school ministry!

10. That's all I have to say about that.

TQT Question: #10 ... who said it?

Happy Weekend, friends! You made it!


  1. Forrest Gump! And as for kiddie manicures... I think sometimes a child might eat more nail polish than you'd want her to. Concerns about toxins would lead me to say, "no" - but maybe we should consider what toxins enter our skin as adult women painting *our* nails, anyway!

    1. I had never even considered the toxin angle. I am super happy I posed this question!

  2. I paint Naomi's (and even Oliver's) fingers and toes on occasion. It's just another form of dress-up play for them. They love picking out a color, and every one loves paint! However, my kids will not be getting their ears pierced or be wearing make-up to school anytime in the near future. I guess we all have to pick our battles! :)


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