February 03, 2014

Lesson 171: Simple Book Birthday Bunting

Hudson is obsessed with Richard Scarry's book, CARS and TRUCKS and THINGS THAT GO. In the morning for at least an hour, he and I will peruse its 60-some pages gasping over every single bulldozer and dump truck and CAR!!! The experience is exceptionally exciting, every time through. 

Thus, Hudson's 2nd birthday party was "CARS and TRUCKS and THINGS THAT GO."

All week long, I'll be sharing various details from the party, with simpistic tutorials and lots of pictures! I get overwhelmed by long party posts, so these will be concise and pointed. 

To begin, A Simple Book Bunting. This could easily be used for a birthday party or a baby shower. (I am not claiming originality here with the bunting. But I do think it is cute.)

I went scouring my local Goodwill, for surprise, surprise, a Richard Scarry book to cut up. I scored big time, with a small generic one (courtesy of Chik-filet) and purchased it for .99.

Also necessary, a pad of colored construction paper for $2 from Target and $1 clothespins from the Dollar tree. We already owned the twine. 

Total Cost for supplies: $3.99.

First, I made a generic pattern for the base of bunting. 

Unintentionally, though fortunately, I was able to fit three triangles per piece of paper. 

After cutting out enough, I made a smaller, similar pattern for the inside that I used with the pages from the Scarry book. Though not all pages featured vehicles, I did my best to choose pictures that did. I also made sure the pictures were not the same color as the background triangle.

Black construction paper for the letters popped nicely against the playful pictures.

I made a second line that hung on my mantle and featured Hudson's name and new age. 

When he saw the pictures of his favorite vehicles hanging on the wall, Hudson knew something special was in store! The shrieking and pointing and gasping and smiling were clear signs that the bunting was a hit!

Lesson Learned: Little boys love trucks. And if you embrace this fact, they will love you too!

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