February 10, 2014

Lesson 174: Quote on Marriage (NFBA)

I plan on occasionally posting great quotes I run across in reading or listening. These quotes are categorized as NFBA, not famous but awesome. These are not from John Piper, or Ghandi, or Jimmy Fallon, but from lesser-knowns.

Today's is from the book, Making Friends among the Taliban, which is the story of a man, Dan Terry, who spent thirty years with his family in Afghanistan working in all areas of development. The Terry's loved Afghanistan long before September 11.

I had the privilege of meeting Dan and his wife, Seija, during a brief trip in Kabul in 2006. In the future, I hope to write more on this wonderful couple and the subsequent book written about them. However, for today, just a quote describing their marriage.

"Their budding affection and partnership were framed by a shared calling, a willingness to ignore hardship in light of the thrill of discovery and friendship, aspiration for a lived faith, and the chance to do work that mattered immensely." - Jonathan P. Larson, 34. 

Lesson Learned: Work that matters immensely. How intriguiging. 

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