February 14, 2014

Lesson 176: Snow, Frozen, and Thoughts on Love

While Charlotte received its greatest snowfall (for the first time in forever) in our southern lives this week, my 4-year old, like every one of her 4-year old friends, danced around serenading us with the theme songs from Disney's latest princess film, Frozen.

Well, we serenaded each other. I am guilty of loving these songs at least as much as she does. (Hint: Links to songs all throughout the post, so you can join in on the fun.)

Can't you just hear her saying, "Hey, Hudson. Do you wanna build a snowman? C'mon let's go and play."

We sang this. Over and over and over again. In fact, Hudson soon earned the nickname Olaf. There's kind of resemblance. Plus, this friendly guy gets a belly laugh out of my Huddy-buddy.

When it got a little warmer, our snowman's head fell off. Guess we found out what snowmen do in summer!

In honor of the snow, I dressed like the post-let-it-go Elsa.

Just kidding, her outfit is ridiculous! I wore a lot of thick socks, even thicker sweaters, and carried a large blanket around with me everywhere.

I did head out for a few minutes one night to test out my newest lens, because you know, the cold never bothered me anyway. 

 We also worked hard on preparing for Valentine's Day one morning.

Finally, we learned that "Love is an open door-oooor-ooor."

After singing this song, I don't know 4 million times, we realized love is a few other things as well. I thought it'd be helpful to share our thoughts, in case, you still need some Valentine inspiration. Make sure you listen to the song. Otherwise, you won't be able to follow the beat.

"But with you,
I've found my place.
And it's nothing I've ever known before.

Love is ... an apple core.
Love is ... a grocery store.
Love is ... a dirty floor.
Love is ... the number four.
Love is ... a yummy s'more.

Happy Snow Day!
Happy Frozen!
Happy Valentine's Day!

Lesson Learned: Tell me, doesn't Mark kind of look like Christof?

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  1. We haven't seen the movie yet, but we've been listening to all the Frozen songs on Pandora and we're big fans! We can't wait to see it when it's out on DVD. :)


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