June 15, 2014

Lesson 189: The Fruits of Our Labor

At the break of dawn (9:00 am), we farm girls went out back to pick food for our breakfast.

Can you believe this mess ...

has produced these beauties!

Oh yum!

I could not have scripted this perfect summer morning better myself.

I suppose it would have been cool to remember to use freshly milled flour and it would have been phenomenal if our chickens had provided fresh eggs ... but y'all, we grew blueberries!

We are homesteading happy!

Lesson Learned: Blueberry bushes? Yes please!

P.S. Since I typically mention blueberries and babies together, I'll let you know ... I had a great ultrasound appointment on Friday. Healthy baby, friends! Praise God.

And no, we are not finding out the gender.

We'll all be surprised together this October!


  1. I like yall even more... blueberries are the best and you're growing them yourselves, awesome!
    YAY for Healthy baby! :)

  2. those look SO GOOD! i'm jealous, we barely get any berries before the birds get to them.
    such happy news about baby #3 :)


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