May 19, 2014

Lesson 188: A Mobile Garden

The 2014 Ashbaugh family garden is going to look a little bit different than last year's.

The reason?

Well, as I mentioned in my last post, we are looking to move. Since we're not sure when exactly, we don't want to devote all our hard earned compost to the ground only to leave it behind.

Like we'll have to leave the chickens. 

And maybe my white picket fence. 

Speaking of, have I shown you our compost lately? It's incredible.

I digress.

So, it's kind of ridiculous how much we have grown to love having our own garden! The third post ever written on this blog was all about how excited we were to be growing four herbs for the summer. 

And now? Now we have schemed as to how to proceed with our much anticipated summer garden ... and be able to pull up stakes at any time.

Y'all, this is progress. This is finding out. This is why I keep a blog.

Mark built a beautiful box for a raised bed (with found wood) back in February.

Before it snowed.

We were eager.

Unfortunately, the box will never be allowed to reach its full potential, because, as I've mentioned before, we don't want to waste our gardening gold (compost.) Thus, we're experimenting with something new.

You ready? 

Hay bales.

Has anyone else heard of this?

Apparently you can simply cut out a portion from the middle of the bale, fill it with a compost and sand mixture, and kazaam. Transportable garden.

We've also utilitized all my decorative pots, that were purchased to beautify our porches, but have never been filled with anything as useless as flowers. (TJK. I love flowers.)

(Also, TJK about using the phrase TJK).

I'll warn you. The result looks super-ghetto. But, it's hidden behind our carport, out of any normal sightline, so who cares?

One more disclaimer. I returned the awesome lens I was using (which is why all my pics were looking better recently) and so, for the time being, my pictures will be lame again. Sorry.

Ok. Without further ado. I give you Mark's newest masterpiece.

Tell me this is not random, and yet kind of amazing!

Eventually, there will be chicken wire attached to the back so the cucumbers, zucchini, and squash are able to grow up. The tomato plants all came from our neighbor, who grew them from seeds in her windowsill this winter. The compost? The compost is ours!

As I'm sure you can imagine, I promise to keep you updated on this little experiment.

And yes.

We are devastated to be leaving this propery and all the wonder we've discovered here. We even had plans for constructing an outdoor brick oven ... for pizzas. How fun, right?!?!

But I read this quote recently, and in a totally cheesey way it helped calm our hearts about moving to the big city.

"It's not the amount of land you live on, it's what you do with the land that makes you a homesteader."

We're also beyond excited and humbled by what the Lord is calling us to next! 

Lesson Learned: Will the hay bale prevail?

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