July 12, 2014

Lesson 192: 2014 Goals Check-In and Revision

As it's been about six months since we rang in the new year, it seems appropriate to check in on the old 2014 goals to see how well I'm doing. (Find original post here.)

The results, friends, are laughable.

You see, when I created this list, I had no idea that 2014 would bring a new baby, a new job, and a new house.

Thus ...

1. I have not learned to sew. 

2. I will not even pretend like I am going to write a book. 

3. I have not blogged consistently. In fact, this is only my 20th post since I got pregnant in January.

4. I certainly have not guest posted for another blog once a month. I have done this exactly once. 

5. Our family has opened an HSA, but that's only because Mark's new job provides one.

6. We have taken a chunk out of my student loans. In fact, in the past six months, we've paid off 1/3 of them. I have to admit, I am proud of this.

7. We still have not gotten a will. But, RUF requires employee's to have one, so this should be happening shortly.

8. Without a shadow of a doubt, I have ridden our house of (at least) 50 items. It is no exaggeration to say that I've gotten rid of 500. I get an A+ in this category!

9. I have not stuck to a Bible Reading plan with Mark. 

10. As for my generic goals ...

We have increased our gardening efforts with the introduction of the berry bushes. I still have no skills in operating my camera. I have gotten to teach the women in my church four times, which has been a huge blessing. I have thoroughly enjoyed my children, my husband, and my home. I just volunteered for a week of VBS, though not with the most positive attitude. I am still trying to call friends and answer my phone, but I cannot guage my success in those areas.

In general, pretty pathetic, and I don't see much improvement occurring before 2015. So, I've decided to throw out this list and replace it with one simple goal. 

You ready?

2014 Goals (Revised):

1. Keep my toenails looking pretty. 

Yup, that's it.

A few weeks ago, I was doing a pretty good job of juggling life. Somehow I was managing house hunting, traveling 3/4 weeks in June, packing the kids up 3 times, Hudson getting sick twice and me getting sick once, processing all the paperwork for switching to Mark's new job, preparing for freshman orientation at Winthrop, teaching preschool Sunday school, cleaning out items we don't want to move, paying medical bills, leading two women's Bible studies, support raising ... oh, and laundry, dinner, budgeting, parenting, baths ... oh, and being pregnant ... oh, and preparing to turn 30. 

To be honest, the month of June feels like a big black hole to me. I know somehow everything got accomplished, but I cannot even begin to imagine how or when.

But, y'all. I was fine.

Until that night when I had a for real mommy breakdown.

It (deep breath) was (gasping for air) all (hyperventilating) too (panic, panic) much!

And the straw that broke the camel's back ...

Looking down and seeing my scruffy, chipped, half-purple, unpleasant, unfeminine, awful, awful toenails sadly attached to dry, rough, dirty feet.

For some reason, my un-pedicured tootsies were a sure sign that I was letting myself go. I was turning (groan) 30, I was a (groan) (unfit, unorganized, undeserving, terrible, horrible) mom, and I was doomed for (double groan) frump-ville.


I mean really, how ridiculous!

Regardless, I marched into Target the next day, spent an unheard of nine dollars on the exact shade of Essie nail polish that I wanted, and have been cleaning, filing, moisturizing, and polishing ever since.

I know it sounds silly, but there is something comforting about pretty, cared for feet, and so, I have a new resolution for the year.

Writing a book will just have to wait.

Lesson Learned: You are what you feet.

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  1. Ahaha! Reality check! I loved reading this. You'll write a book some day. It doesn't have to be this day.


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