September 23, 2013

Lesson 101: So You Want to Support the Blog ...

I know, there are a billion blogs on the internet. (That is probably not even an exaggeration.) Why in the world would you pay to read this particular one?

Answer: You wouldn't. 

But, friends. I am not asking you to pay me to read my blog. I am merely pointing out a way you can help support the blog when you make purchases on items you already plan to buy.

Across the top of the blog, there are little tabs. They are entitled "My Home." "My Archives." "My Store."

If you click on the "My Store" tab, you will see that it is a very simple store featuring products I like and recommend.

There are two ways "I Don't Have A Clue" can make money through this store:

1. You can simply take one of my suggestions, check out, and I make a percentage on the item.

2. You can click on any link in the store, and it will lead you to amazon. Once on the amazon site, you add items to your cart. As long as the items are added within 24 hours of the initial entry to amazon, I will receive the same percentage as if you bought it right out of "My Store."

So, if you are a regular amazon shopper or are getting ready to order for Christmas, as long as you enter the site through my blog and purchase within a short time after, I will make a little money! Note: You will not pay more for the item. Amazon will simply reward me for the referral.

I do not want you to buy unnecessary items! However, if this is a place you already shop, I'd appreciate you entering through this site!


Lesson Learned: Affiliate ads (another way to make money off a blog) yielded me $6 this past year. I'm trying something new!

P.S. I'm pretty sure it's legal that I posted a blog explaining this, but if someone knows differently, please let me know!

“Katherine Ashbaugh is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to”


  1. it's legal :) the fcc just requires that you disclose that the links are amazon affiliate links and you're ok.
    maybe put that little blurb on your store page??

    1. Thanks, this gives me a peace of mind! I kind of checked around at highly trafficked blogs to see what they did, but they were never quite as overt. They would heavily promote a product and then say, "Oh yeah, and if you buy it, I'll make some money!" Haha. I can see about adding that disclaimer to the page.

      Thanks again!

  2. Here's a post I wrote awhile back:
    I hope it's not too discouraging!

    In the last few months I finally figured out how to make Google Adsense make money. I have a box at the bottom of my first post on the page, a long rectangle down the side, and a wide rectangle at the bottom of the page. Between these three ads I've been making about $5-$10 per month. I get paid more the more hits I get, so having followers from Facebook or popular posts on Pinterest helps me to get more hits and make more money each month. :)

    1. Jessica, I recently talked with a guy who's entire career is making money through blogging and websites and stuff. He also told me that if I wanted Adsense to work that I should insert an ad into the text, like the one you are talking about. Originally, I was totally opposed to that idea (like a year ago). However, I did notice when you changed your format and put an ad into the text, and surprisingly, it didn't bother me at all. I just went about reading your posts like normal.

      I am psyched you are making something!

      And now that I've gotten a second on putting the ad in the text, I will reconsider for the future!


    2. I made $17.13 through Google Adsense last month so I must be doing something right. :) I put the 3 ads in place in June, and my income has steadily increased since then. I don't get paid until I reach $100, but I'm up to $79.22 so maybe I'll get my first paycheck soon! Maybe it's about time I wrote another guest post for Money Saving Mom. That always gets me a bajillion hits. You should try it too. It's easy to submit a post, and it will generate a lot of traffic for your blog. Sometimes it takes months for her to get around to publishing it (4-6 months), but other times if it fits something she's doing she'll plug it in the next day. You're doing great though--I really enjoy your writing, and always head right over to read when I see you've posted something new.

    3. First of all ... SWEET! I am SO excited that your blog is generating some income! The $100 thing is so funny, especially during months when the blog makes like .04 cents!

      Ok ... so your three ads ... in post, long side, bottom, right? I changed my ads after your initial comment and made have definitely seen an improvement. .04 / day on days when I don't promote at all. .20 on days when there is a post. So, I'll keep working on that, b/c here's the thing. I don't really care about make buco's of money, but if it really is a matter of placing ads in the correct place, then ... I might as well place them right!

      Money Saving Mom - how do you submit to her? Is there a link on the site? I don't read her much, mostly b/c there is SO much over there. I prefer smaller bloggers, b/c I feel like their sights are more managable, as in not so overwhelming.

      Thanks for the sweet encouragement! I enjoy your blog as well. Everyone says you "make friends blogging" and I definitely consider you my blogging friend!

    4. Yes, I've gotten to be the same way. I started out hoping to make some money, but now it's more about sharing my thoughts, accountability, and making friends. The money is a nice motivation to write more often, but it's certainly not enough to generate an income (or even buy a cup of coffee!) most months. MSM has a link on her sight, and you just follow the directions. I like MSM because I've followed her for 3 1/2 years now, so I feel like I know her. I hesitate to try reading other blogs because there are just so many out there! It takes time to get to know a new author, and read their stuff regularly. But I like yours, so it's one of the 4-5 I follow. I consider you a blogging friend too! :)

  3. One more suggestion, have you tried ( I've earned $30 and bought 2 items (and now I'm shopping for a 3rd) from them. It's not the same as getting paid with cash, but I don't mind getting paid with clothes! ;)


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