September 24, 2013

Lesson 102: A Battle in the Kitchen

(For the purposes of understanding the dialogue, my voice will be represented by regular up-and-down writing. If produce is speaking, its voice will be represented by italics.)


Hey, giant hard green thing! What are you? I've never seen one like you in these parts before.

 Ha! I am a mighty acorn squash! You're scared of me, aren't you? You should be. (Laughing to the cats.) She's too scared to do anything to me. Let's enjoy this nice warm spot on the sill.

Scared of you? Please! You are on my turf!

In fact ... I'll compost your brains out!

Whatch you lookin' at? I ain't scared of you either!

I plan to win the day!

Victory sure is sweet!

Lesson Learned: Trying a new recipe is WAY MORE FUN if I imagine I'm in the middle of a war!


  1. Haha! I can just hear you playing out this scenario.

  2. It looks delicious, and healthy! And it looks like you had fun making it!

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