October 03, 2013

Lesson 107: Vote!

Yesterday I unveiled a new blog design. A lot of people looked at it.

Thanks for that!

But friends, we are not finished yet. As the theme of this blog is all about perfecting unfinished products, it is logical that the blog design is no different. I wish I could say that what you saw yesterday was set in stone. Or at least set in code.

Unfortunately, today it already looks different.

Most of the basic elements remain the same. New header, a few stylistic details dropped, a few added.

However you may notice, today the background is a deep green. Yesterday it was a lighter gray. Today the contrast is greater. Yesterday things blended a bit more.

Thanks to a friend's kindness, I can actually give you an idea of what it looked like.

Which design gave you a better initial first impression? Which made you happier immediately? Which made you want to stay on the site longer?

I would really appreciate feedback!

So, please vote in the comments section of the blog.

Go Team Green! Go Team Gray!

(Additional comments are welcome as well. I am really hoping to get this right, and then let it be.)

Appreciate y'all!

Lesson Learned: Does the background of a blog make a difference? We shall see!


  1. Green...I think. I'm trying to remember what the grey looked like. :)

  2. looking at both (DID YOU GET MY SCREENSHOT!??!) i like the grey.

    by the way, i totally understand what you mean about blog design. i get oh so insecure about it.

    1. Got it! Thanks friend! P.S. I love your blog. Super easy to get around!

  3. This might not be helpful, because I didn't actually see the grey background. But I think that sounds awfully nice. The green is good, too, but I vote grey. And I like your header!

    1. I like a vote based on gut instinct! Thanks!

  4. Team GREEN! It's my favorite color. Honestly I liked both, though.

  5. Also, you're the best blog comment-er. Just wanted to say thanks for that! :-) I'm working on it...

    1. When I comment, I kind of feel like I'm in a conversation with you ... which I love!!!!!

      I don't know if I knew your favorite color is green. Now I do. Mine's blue. :)


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