November 04, 2013

Lesson 131: Wells Fargo Rewards Points

Wells Fargo loves to fill our mailbox with unhelpful fliers and pieces of information. For some reason, I dutifully open each piece of correspondance and glance over it, gauging its importance.

Last week, I found a stray Wells Fargo letter under the driver's seat in our 4-runner, while waiting to pick Samara up from school. I almost tossed it, as it was addressed to Mark, but habit overcame and since I had time, I opened it.

Inside, I found a letter explaining the rewards points for our Wells Fargo credit card. First of all, I don't carry this card, only Mark. Early in our marriage, when overdrafting was a regular threat, he obtained the card as overdraft protection. According to Mark, we haven't used the card in over two years.

Second of all, neither of us was aware that the card had rewards attached to it. Yet, the letter was informing me that somehow we had racked up over 8,000 points that could be turned in for rewards on their website.

With low expectations, I searched the site when I got home. I was prepared for a $5 gift card to Starbucks or i-tunes.

What I found was significantly better.

Rather than forgetting about the points, I went ahead and spent them. Using 7,500, I was able to get three $25 gift cards to Amazon, Pottery Barn, and Gap.

I know in the scheme of things, this is not a huge benefit, but I'll tell you, it felt like money was falling out of the air.

Christmas shopping has officially begun!

Lesson Learned: I like earning rewards when I am unaware that it is happening.

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  1. I used ours last week before seeing this! We love reward points, and have gotten lots of flights out of them!


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