November 08, 2013

Lesson 135: Ten Quick Thoughts (Week 6)

Hudson's Word of the Week: Running

1. Exciting happenings at RTS-Charlotte. See why I am considering returning to school!

2. Trick-or-treating in downtown Clover was the sweetest. (See what I did there?)

3. In pop culture news ...
My Favorite Song of 2013: Cruise by Florida-Georgia Line.
My 2nd Favorite Song of 2013: Cruise Remix by Florida-Georgia Line ft. Nelly.
It won best single of the year at the CMA's on Wednesday night. Rightly so. 
Reminds me of these folks!
This one's having a BABY this month! P.S. Shark shirt making a lot of appearances this week!

4. New book for celebrating advent as a family has just come out, written by the wife of my childhood pastor. Order before Thanksgiving!

5. Speaking of Christmas, looking for a place to direct some end-of-the-year giving? A ton of our friends are serving with RUF on college campuses. All are fully support based and would appreciate your gifts! You can take your pick from:
     a. Duke
     b. Univ. of Central Arkansas & Hendrix College
     c. Univ. of Wisconsin (Milwaukee)
     d. Johnson and Wales Univ. (Charlotte)
     e. Kennesaw State
     f. Appalachian State
     g. Univ. of Arkansas
I'd love to give you more details!

6. Did you grow up with an American Girl doll? Apparently, the change in the product is a commentary on our society. (P.S. I had Molly and Kirsten.)

7. Remember the day Mark passed his ordination exams? Welp, his ordination service is approaching. November 17 at 6:00. All are welcomed! Email me if you would like details.

8. Speaking of this ordination, I ordered a dress from Banana Republic to wear ... and it was hideous! What would you wear if your husband was getting ordained? Links would be appreciated! 

9. Seriously people, who won the world series? It has got to be over by now, right?!?!

10.We're off to the Global Missions Conference this weekend to hear about the PCA's missions and campus ministries (mentioned in #5)! We are pumped!

TQT Question:Which AG doll did you have? What would you wear to an ordination?
Sorry boys ... you can answer #9!


  1. Ack!! I saw that article today... and I had a "Girl of Today" that looked like me!!! What shame! I did read all the actual "historical" AG books though... #thatcountsforsomethingright

    1. That is the one thing about that article that I thought was a little off. When I received my Molly doll, there were only three options for dolls. However, it wasn't all that long after that the Girls of Today came out. So though I think the article makes some interesting points at how over the top the whole thing has gotten, it's not as if it happened overnight.


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