December 11, 2013

Lesson 144: Shop Local This Christmas

Piggy-backing off my friend Stephie's post yesterday on shopping for Christmas through companies that support good causes, I wanted to give you encouragement to shop locally and through small businesses as well.

Here's a few of my favorites this season:


1. bee small studio: Our friend, Todd, from VT and his wife, Becca, have written a 31-day devotional entitled Looking to Jesus. It's available through their website for $12.99. In addition, they have a set of 8 plates, essentially prints that visualize the book's major theme of growth in the Christian life.

I ordered Mark Plate 8, the Forrest Print, as a gift for ordination. We love it!

2. AmandaLeighKnits on etsy: Another college friend, Amanda, knits wool hats in her free time, you know, when she's not chasing her busy toddler or feeding her newest girlie!

Baby not included.
I particularly love the customized ones.

Tell me that is not an amazing keepsake!

3. Support Blogs: Do you read every post ever written by a certain blogger?!?! Wanna give back?!?!? Chances are your favorite blogs have ads in their sidebars or included somewhere in posts. If you must shop at Target or amazon this season (I will admit, I have frequented both), see if it's possible to enter the site through a blog. In most cases, the blogger makes something every time you click on an ad. They definitely make a percentage if you purchase through their link. (Note: The cost to you does not increase.) It's an easy way to shop and support your favorite blogs!


4. LB's Produce: My friend, Lawson, runs an adorable specialty foods and small household items store on Main Street in Belmont. Let's just say, last week, I attended "Girl's Night Out" in her store and purchased enough to receive a free gift.

My personal favorites are the flavored olive oils / balsalmic vinegars, her Amish Peanut Butter, and her glutten free baked goods mixes. The cookies and cream is to die for!

Oh, and there's the okra chips. Yum.

Seriously, this is the place to go for all those people you have no ideas for!

Check out her website here.

5. Katie Taylor Photography: Katie is a recent graduate from Erskine College with a degree in Art Education. She is building her photography business in the York County / Charlotte Area. What a wonderful gift a photography session would make!

I am obsessed with the princess clothesline!
This season she is also offering customized Christmas cards. (Might be a bit late for this, but if you are a New Year's card sender ... it could work for you!)

Give her facebook page a look!

In the comments section, I would love if you would link up either your own business or your favorites!

Lesson Learned: I am thoroughly amazed by anyone who starts and runs their own business!


  1. Katherine, I'm a man and I enjoy your blog. that says something. I can verify that #1 on your list is awesome. great devotional. If you like watercolor, go here:

    1. Scott ... thanks for reading my blog, friend! I love man readers.

      I also love your wife's watercolors. Does she do custom ones ever? I'm thinking ... I send a photograph of two lovely children, and she makes it into a watercolor. Or is it mostly outdoor type stuff!

    2. I think she could do that. I know people painting isn't her greatest strength, but I say go for it.

  2. heeey! thanks for the shout-out :)

    1. You are welcome! I wanted to list the people who I actually purchased from this holiday season ... which included you! I do not know if you will get any additional business, but it would be super cool if you did!!!


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