December 12, 2013

Lesson 145: I'm a Miller (Teaser Post)

What is a miller?

A miller is a person who mills.

What does a miller mill?

A miller mills flour. 

Well, actually a miller mills wheat berries, and they turn into flour.

I am now a person who does this.

Well, I've done this once. 

Details to follow.

(Get it. That's what makes this post a teaser.)

Lesson Learned: Flour comes from wheat berries. Did you know that? Before I became I miller, I did not know that.


  1. Hey, Miller! Is it "wheat flour" or simply "flour?" Please advise.

  2. Hey Bill,
    It's whole wheat flour. What this means is that we take the wheat berry, the entire wheat berry, and run it through the mill. On the other side, flour comes out.

    The wheat berry is what contains all the nutrients! What is amazing, is that wheat berries, as long as they are not milled, continue to contain all their nutrients. Think Joseph stocking up food for 7 years of famine in Genesis.

    As soon as you mill, it begins to lose some of its nutrients, which is why it is important to bake and freeze immediately, or else to just freeze the flour. That way the majority of the nutrients will remain in tact.

    There are two types of wheat berries (as far as I know). Red and white (yellow?). Red produce the dark grain flour good for thick bread and yummy with soup. We milled the other type, the lighter type of berry, which is better for ... lighter foods! Muffins, pancakes, lighter breads, pizza dough!

    Hope this helps!

    I will be posting more on the topic next week. :)


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