December 16, 2013

Lesson 147: In 2013, I Learned ... Link-Up Party

Friends, I am taking a big step in the blogging world. On Dec. 28, I will open up the link to my very first link-up party.

Me? Host a link-up party? Hilarious.

What is a link-up party? A link-up party is when one site creates a themed post which allows other bloggers to attach links to posts from their own blog based on relevant content.

It's a fun way for bloggers to connect with each other, find new blogs, and learn!

As you know, my blog is called I Don't Have a Clue ... But I'm Finding Out, and if you are a regular reader, you know that the topics I'm finding out about cover a wide spectrum!

So, the theme is "In 2013 ... I Learned ... " (Update: Find the link HERE!)

I want to know what you found out about this year! The goal is that topics will vary, and in the end the collection will be useful for a range of readers!

I'm giving you a heads-up, because I hope that you will take a minute and think about what your post could be about! We want your wisdom!

What to Do:

1. Think through your post, write it, and post on your blog.
2. Contact other blogging friends, who might be interested in joining, and send them a link to this post. 
3. Come back here on Dec. 28 and attach your link to the collection. (Super easy to figure out if you've never done this before.)
4. Let your readers know what you're a part of, so they will come over and read what the others have to say!
5. Read other posts and learn!

I am so excited to see what you all come up with!

Lesson Learned: An online link-up party of wisdom = The Best.


  1. Thanks for the invite! It sounds like fun! I'm in Maryland for 7 weeks visiting with family so I've taken a break from blogging, but I might participate if I can find the time. :)

    1. Thanks, Jessica! I saw that you were there for so long. What a fun extended adventure. I hope your time is wonderful, and if you can, I'd love for you to participate, but if not, I definitely understand!!!!

  2. Sounds like fun! Count me in for it. :-) Are you looking for single-topic essays, or great big lists of EVERYTHING learned within the year.... or is it pretty open-ended?

    1. Yea! Open-ended definitely! I think it would be fun if there was a little of this, little of that! :)


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