December 18, 2013

Lesson 149: Picture Perfect(ish)

Loyal readers, you who are ever-so-patient with my photography shortcomings, thank you! A new dawn is breaking, and I will now be making attempts at using photo-editing software. I do hope it improves your viewing experinece.

A girl covered in flour is significantly funnier in high-def!

Non-iphone relient suggestions are welcome!

Lesson Learned: For bloggers struggling with dull-colored photos, give this link a lookster!


  1. I've started using PicMonkey after a number of other bloggers recommended it to me. I've been experimenting with it, and even going back to some old posts to edit the photos for Pinterest. You can pretty much do anything you see on Pinterest by using PicMonkey. It's FREE too, unless you want to upgrade which doesn't cost much either. :)

    1. Jessica, I did look around PicMonkey one day, but I could never decide 1. if my pictures looked natural or weird, and 2. I felt like they were all coming out different. What tools do you use most often on PicMonkey?


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