December 20, 2013

Lesson 150: A Christmas Message (& Reading)

Well, I'm off for the week!

Off to sweet time with family and friends. Off to rest. Off to celebrate the birth of our Savior.

I do a wish a special Merry Christmas to you. I pray this would be a time of reflection upon God's gracious gift to us all, his Son, Jesus Christ. I pray that your hearts would be opened to his love, filled to the brim with gospel grace, even to overflowing. I pray that you enter 2014 with a heart set on serving Him!

Do not forget to come back next week to participate in my very first link-up party! If you are a blogger yourself, please do not hesitate to link-up your post on your 2013 lesson or lessons. If you are a reader, come back to find links to posts written by other great writers!

While I'm away, here's a few of my favorite posts from 2013 to keep you occupied!

1. January: Oh, Motherhood!

2. February: The 26.2 Club

3. April: Cleaning Under the Fridge

4. May: What I Learned in Seminary

5. July: A Series of Unexpected Events

6. August: A "New" Night Before the First Day of School

7. September: Guess Who Passed His Ordination Exams Today!

8. October: I Married the LOML on 10/10 

9. October: A Masters Degree and Two Babies (A Series)

10. November: The Problem of Transition and A Refuge in Transition

Lesson Learned: It is hard to narrow a year's worth of posts into 10 (which is why there are really eleven.) 


  1. I loved your new site design! Your title graphic is super-cute.

    Merry Christmas!

    1. Thanks girl, that's so encouraging! I get so self-conscious about design. :)

  2. OMG so cool u are from harrisburg too!!!!!! YAY!!!! Shoot me an email sometime soon!

    1. Hey Ellen! I am from there, but I don't live there right now. I'm just come home and visit over breaks and during the summer. I will send you an email anyway, b/c it's a fun coincidence!

  3. I like how you keep experimenting with your design! This autumn I've been reading Ruth Soukup's "How to Blog for Profit without Selling Your Soul" and it's really helpful. She blogs at "Living Well Spending Less." I think it sells for $4.99 on Amazon (I got it for free when she first released it). She gives lots of really practical and up-to-date info on blogging for profit. Also, I've e-mailed her with questions, and she's written me right back. :)

    1. Thanks, Jess. I really am trying to find a design that just sticks. This happens in my house as well. I move things, but until something is exactly how I want it, it irritates me every time I see it. The way I know I've succeeded with design (or decorating) is that I no longer think about it. Unfortunately, every time I've changed my blog in the past, there have been things that bothered me. I am really seeking to get it to a place where i no longer think about it!!

      I will definitely look into that book. I am always interested in reading and learning more, even about blogging! I just want it to be good, you know.


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