May 11, 2014

Lesson 187: On Mother's Day 2014

I called my mom every day this week.

And every day last week.

And the week before that, there were some days when I called her every hour.

I called her, because Mark was discussing a new job, and then interviewing for a new job, and then accepting a new job.

I called her, because I found a house online that I loved.

And chairs to go in that house.

And then I made an appointment to see the house.

And then I saw the house and liked it, but wasn't sure.

And just how important does she think a big ole'  yard is?

And is it reasonable to recarpet an entire upstairs?

And any idea the price of cutting a window into the side of a house?

And man, how stressful to consider buying a house.

Oh, and guess what? We bought the chairs, but not the house.

It's ok, I found a bunch of new listings.

And we're going to see them tomorrow.

And what do you think of this other set of chairs? How much to reupholster them?

No, no a new set. 

You get the picture?!?!?

The best thing about my mom these days ...

She does not screen my calls! 

(I'm not sure moms are allowed to screen calls.) 

If she can answer, she answers, and she listens, and she asks typically insightful (and only occasionally annoying) questions, and she gets excited when new opportunities arise and sad when something falls through ...

and she prays about the whole situation after we hang up.

My own littles, including the one growing inside me, take a lot out of me physically these days. It can't be helped, it's the nature of the stage. Throw in the possibility and then acceptance of a new job, the pending prospect of a new town and church, a first-time home buying experience, and a chicken catastrophe, and you have the ingredients for becoming the kind of friend everyone tires of hearing from!

It's at times like this when a girl needs her mom.

Times when the give and take in the relationship is slightly reminiscent of the toddler years. I need your attention now, Mom, for this most pressing matter, about me! And my life. And my future. And my concerns.

I'm not saying it's right, but I'm not sure it can be helped. It's the nature of the stage. 

The difference?

This time I understand what it's like to be on the giving side of things. I'm beginning to know what it takes to be a mom.

And all I can say is, wow. I am the most grateful for mine.

 Lesson Learned: Happy Mother's Day! Love you, Mom!

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  1. Ok so I've gotten a bit behind on my blogs. This is an awesome tribute to your mom!! And there's a baby on the way?!? AHHH!! Congratulations!!!


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