August 21, 2014

Lesson 196: My ALS Awareness

In my life, there have been a few random people I've known for a very short period of time, but for whatever reason have continued to care for long after.

Tim Shaw is one of these people. 

Through mutual friends, Tim and I had opportunity to hang out exactly twice, both times at Penn State University the year after I graduated college. Just two times, but y'all, I knew I liked him right away. 

Think about it. 

We both love Jesus. We both love(d) college football. We both knew Noah Lichtig. 

What more do two people need to become fast friends? 

Since 2007, we have maintained the most minimal of contact. We chatted a few times, because Tim signed with the Panthers, and I wanted him to be friends with my brother in Charlotte. When I needed quick support to prolong my stay in Ireland, Tim graciously gave to the ministry. 

Mostly I've just followed his career, his time with the Titans, his adventures in Haiti on mission trips, his summer camp for kids, his completion of an MBA. 

His continual love for Jesus and unashamed proclamation of the gospel. 

Really, I've watched him from afar and have prayed for him, because he's a guy with an incredible faith, who's handled the limelight with grace. 

To be honest, his diagnosis helps clear up some things. Last season, Tim was Tennessee's captain, a team leader, but for some reason was let go the following spring. I think a lot of his fans were confused, so it now makes sense. 

But, man. How hard. 

In the video, Tim says, "You never want to be that guy that everyone's praying for." 

Tim, Mark and I have always prayed for you, for your faithfulness, your witness, and your direction. We will continue to pray for you. But now, we will also be praying for your health.

In my last post, I mentioned that I had not dumped water on my head or donated to I'm not in to giving to random causes, and full disclosure, a week ago, when all the ice bucket challenges started going viral, I had to google ALS. 

What a difference a week has made. 

I guess you can say, I am now aware. 

And I think we'll donate. 

(I am making no promises concerning ice water though.)

Tim, I am sad you have to go through this. I am grateful your hope is in a good, perfect, and loving God. May you continually know his presence, strength, and comfort. 

Lesson Learned: "In this world you will have trouble, but take heart! I have overcome the world." - John 16:33

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