August 30, 2014

Lesson 197: Housesteading Wrap-Up

Well, we live in Rock Hill.

Among other things, this means we have left the 67 acres of beautiful land that we've called home for the past three years.

We've left our compost pile. We've left our berry bushes. And, we've left the chickens.

So sad, right?!?

But y'all, think about everything we've learned.

Remember this post, from 2012, when we were nervous we'd mess up our four summer herbs? My have we come a long way since then. (And you should see the size of the rosemary we planted then.)

If nothing else, our confidence to try new things has grown. And we've had a lot of fun.

Before we head out of this great homesteading stage, I wanted to give you a taste of our summer yieldings. Here's the post explaining our gardening plans. What's going to follow is some photos of our harvest! Unfortunately, I didn't get around to documenting everything. You know, with buying a house and moving and all that.

But, first, a quote that's given me some comfort in leaving our homesteading experiments behind. "It's not the amount of land you live on, it's what you do with the land that makes you a homesteader."

And friends, we have ideas for our new property!

Let's include our neighbor's bounty, which she graciously shares!

Oh, yum! That turned into one delicious meal!

And finally ...

Here's what homesteading looks like now.



Lesson Learned: Our cucumber plant grew a cantaloupe. We think it's because of the compost we used. Any thoughts?

1 comment:

  1. what a bummer to leave your wide open spaces :(
    BUT i'm pumped to hear how you make homesteading happen with less room. it's a challenge over here, i'll tell ya that.
    and i think it's totally the compost. bc of our compost, i've grown tomatoes in our flower beds, and LOTS of volunteer gourds. that's one reason our garden is a bust. i was gone for almost 3 weeks and in that time a bunch of uninvited gourds popped up and, without getting weeded, took over.


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