March 17, 2015

Lesson 206: What We're Working With

Spring has sprung ... or as Samara continually reminds me, spring has not sprung because "it's actually still winter, mom. It really is."

She may be right, but here in sunny South Carolina, it certainly feels like spring. So, I'm going with my feelings rather than the facts. Not usually a great idea, but it works in this situation.

Spring springing means only one thing for our family. Garden time.

As you know, we were devastated to leave our Clover garden (aka 67 acres of romping property) behind last August. If you forget, I did a nice gardening round-up right here.

All that land. And opportunity. And help in the form of knowledgeable neighbors.

And oh, it was just so wonderful.

(A moment of silence to acknowledge the loss.)

Ok, moving on.

So this year. This year we have some work to do.

Our home's previous homeowners went with the rocks-for-beds-covering route, which looks great when it's first done and terrible as time passes. In these preliminary weeks, we've spent a lot of time throwing away rocks. I don't think I have any before before shots, but regardless, here's what we are working with as of today.

Pretty grim, right?!?!

Occasionally, I want to cry.

But the space is nice. There are points of interest. And we see potential.

We're hopeful.

After filling our entire trash can with rocks and useless plants, this happened as Mark was taking it to the road. It created a priceless opportunity for Mark to interact with our teenage neighbor, as there was no way I was going to be able to help him stand it back up.

It's not perfect. But, it's home.

And perfect or not, it's the place our friends and family will gather to eat and enjoy spring!

 Also, our kids built this and I was super impressed. Thought I'd show it off!

Finally, one more thing. We've received an update about our chickens. Remember our chickens? The ones I worked so hard to save?

They are all dead.


(Another moment of silence please.)

Lesson Learned: Really bad before pictures, make good after pictures look even better!


  1. Looks like a nice raised bed to work with in that one picture! I wish we had a place to put some raised beds without too much work.

  2. i LOVE that last picture! my parents have an almost identical pic of a wood creation my sister and i made when we were little (my dad was building a deck and there was lots of scrap wood around!)


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