July 20, 2013

Lesson 85: House Highlight 3 (Cleaning Out ... Again)

Recently, my home mind has been thoroughly saturated with thoughts of getting rid of things! Our new house has way more storage, and yet, I am on a mission to keep all these closets usable.

Thus, I have been filtering my online time away from decorating blogs and magazines, and focusing more on reading over again and again, "You have enough. You have all you need. You should probably take another carload to Goodwill."

In the past four months, I have read this entire blog! Rachel first encouraged me to donate back in April. Since then, I have continued to be inspired by her.

Bye, bye stuff I never use or wear!

Hello, breathable closets!

(Probabaly should have folded the extra towels before taking the picture!)

Look at all the unfilled space in the kids closet! It makes me so happy.

I'm showing you these pictures, because I personally get really motivated by looking at pictures of empty closets. My normal cleaning out routine begins with reading a few Small Notebook posts which is almost always followed by some purging!

My friends have helped as well with posts here and here. Stephie's post is more recent. But Amanda's post is over a year old. Her images stuck in my mind, and I remembered to link y'all to it. This is to prove that it is helpful to see visuals (at least for me) to bring on the clearing out!

Of course, every closet in my house is not perfect! I have a really hard time sorting toys.

Alright, enough of my closets! Go get rid of something!

Lesson Learned: Seeing empty, organized closets helps to motivate me to clean out my own.

P.S. Written An Hour Later:

I was so inspired by my own pictures. After posting this blog, I went and cleaned out a little more!

Somehow, there is always more!


  1. I'm getting to try to downsize toys by about 1/2 and thought of how to go about it is stressing me a little bc Girlie knows and remembers every toy she has! Thanks for some motivation!

  2. it's such a surprise to be linked to :)
    i also think of that post often, but haven't reread it until today.
    we still have so much to get rid of. only in america...

  3. People thought i was crazy for the longest time because i would seriously clean out several bags of stuff from my parents house every day but its like therapeutic and I LOVE IT! lol! good job girl! love the photos , youve inspired me yet again :)


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