September 17, 2013

Lesson 99: "A Meal Plan" Series Totals

So, friends, do my meal plans make you want to eat or want to cry?

Yes, as you can see from these simple lists, the food Mark and I eat is pretty plain. There is not much concocting going on, just a lot of olive oil and pepper.

Oh yum! I love those two ingredients!

There's also a lot of fruit, veggies, and grains. Yum. I love all those things too!

If you follow this plan exactly, in a four week span, you will have eaten:

- 28 bananas
- 12 eggs
- chicken twice (in soup and caesar salad)
- pork or beef once
- bacon once (in a salad)
- salmon once
- pizza once (or some other going out to eat option)

As I said in the original post, this is meant to work as a template. The goal is not to follow the plan meal for meal every single month, but to use the suggestions as a guide. So perhaps, instead of pasta with sauce, you make lasagne one month.

The overall plan helps demonstrate that not every meal needs meat. The four week cycle incorporates a mix of rice, pasta, and potatoes. Finally, the whole simplicity of the plan is meant to be a reminder that food, is food, is food. We need to eat for nutrition and for energy, but there is nothing wrong with simple meals.

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Hope this series has been helpful, and if it hasn't been ... find a food blog to read!

(You may like these posts by my friends, Jenni or Lauren)

Happy Meal Planning ... and Happy Eating!

Lesson Learned: Having a guide for meal planning can help cut down on food costs (by preventing waste), foster diversity in week to week eating, and encourage creativity to experiment within its perimeters.

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