October 24, 2013

Lesson 124: A Miracle ... Not From OUR Garden

If you've followed this blog through the summer, you are well aware of the fact that Mark and I are kind of obsessed with our garden. It's not the garden itself, but more the fact that actual food grew in our garden that we were actually able to eat. Unbelievable.

See posts here, here, here, here, here, and here if you've missed out on this fun.

However, I will say that we grew one plant this summer that thoroughly caught us off guard ... in a great way.

It all began last fall.

We were romping around the yard as we do, tossing kids in leaves, and playing with the season's blessings.

In the country, when the season is over. These natural wonders don't go to the dump. They get thrown into the woods. Compost, right?!?

Can you guess where this story is going?

Look what we found growing near our fence this summer! Isn't he perfect?

 He's the perfect finishing touch to a simple centerpiece. (Ours is the little guy.)

 He's also a perfect mountain for driving cars over. 

Y'all, if we were amazed by produce springing up that we tried to grow, you cannot even imagine our excitement over plants we didn't try for.

Isn't nature incredible?

Lesson Learned: Pumpkin seeds. Not just for eating.


  1. Dear Katherine,
    I know how you feel. For the past two years, every time I return to Kabul and especially with a new guest, the first place we go is to the farm out back. I love seeing that land put to good use growing enough potatoes, onions, beans, squash, tomatoes and others to keep us out of the veggie market for almost half the year. Next year, hopefully we will have enough peach, cherry and nectarine trees to make a serious dent in the fruit budget. The operating room is our second stop now. By the way, if you know anything about my planting skills, (And you do from our Kabul roof top experience), you also know that all the credit here goes to my Afghan team.

  2. We're the same way! Our "compost garden" has done far better than anything we've planted on purpose, but we're amazed with every little miracle that appears!


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